The Sinusjet® Crestal Sinus Lift Kit
is compatible with all implant brands.



No need to change your habits, you can work with your preferred implant system. Depending on the height (min 4mm) and density of the residual bone, immediate implant placement is possible. An implant with a diameter of at least 3,4mm can then be placed, since the drill head of SinusJet has a diameter of 3,3mm.

SinusJet® Crestal Sinus Lift Kit


Sinusjet® is a patented single use drill, indicated for the edentulous posterior maxilla and will enable you to create an easy and safer access to the sinus floor.

The instrument has two small openings at the drill head allowing continuous flow of physiological serum during the procedure and a safety system at the base of the drill. This backflow security mechanism prevents barotrauma during drilling and reduces the risk of tearing the Schneiderian membrane, once the sinus floor is breached. The serum will loosen and slightly lift the membrane throughout the procedure.

The markings on the shaft of the SinusJet drill indicate 4, 6 and 8 mm of drilling depth.


Nanotechnology at the service of Sinusjet®.

OssLift® is an aqueous paste with an optimised consistency, containing 100% synthetic nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite (n-HA). This is a proven and well documented bone substitute. Its chemical composition is identical to the human bone apatite: [Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2]

The three-dimensional architectural nano-structure (3D scaffold) is very similar to the human bone, making n-HA the most biomimetic bone substitute available. It is biocompatible, osteo-conductive and osteogenic, resulting in a fast transformation into qualitative de novo bone➁.

The optimised consistency facilitates the unsticking of the Schneiderian membrane from the sinus floor and its smoothness protects the integrity of the membrane.

OssLift® is administered by slight pressure of the syringe piston and will further lift the sinus membrane. The paste creates the volume for immediate or delayed implant placement, thereby completing the sinus lift. It also fills the space between the threads of an immediately placed implant.

The OssLift® syringes are sterile, ready to use and the paste can be applied without any further preparation, thereby avoiding any source of contamination and generating a considerable time gain.

The average bone height gain found in the 130 crestal sinus lifts➀ was 8.5 +/-2.7mm, which corresponds well to the results reported in other studies.

Mean bone height gain using n-HA paste in sinus lifting (in mm):

Blase/Dricot Pommer et al Bassi et al Shirmohammadi et al
8.5+/-2.7 11.2+/-085 6+/-1.2 7.9+/-0.85

Radiographic aspect (courtesy of Dr Didier Blase):

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