Clinical cases

2 step procedure with very thin bone and a sinus with polyp

Dr. D. Blase, Jumet, Belgium

This is a challenging case with very thin bone and a sinus with polyp.

It shows a 2-stage approach with delayed placement of the implant. This is not a standard indication for a crestal sinus lift.

T0, 17-05-2016 : thin residual bone and polyp

T1 : 01-03-2017 : carefull drilling with SinusJet and injection of OssLift graft

T1 : Graft clearly visible and seems to push polyp aside

T2 : 27-04-2018 : placement of implant. X-ray showing maturation of graft and polyp has disappeared, extraction of 15. Placement of bridge 11-2018.